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Placing our “MARK” on the Direct Sales Industry

Relationships are the most important aspect of the direct sales industry and Handmarks values that above all else. In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, we give people a chance to reflect and create something unique and memorable.

Although we do encourage our consultants to take advantage of social media, we want the purpose to be developing and strengthening the relationships with those who we have in our circle of influence. Our messaging strategy is inviting- not invasive- to show respect to potential customers.

We value honesty as a cornerstone of our business, both internally and externally. We develop a recruiting plan based on realistic goals, true connections, and earnest encouragement, so our consultants always feel supported. Planting seeds of honesty produces trust, safety, and loyalty among our consultants and hosts. This enables a business to grow organically and naturally, without the fear of being taken advantage of for profit.

As Handmarks is uniquely personal, it is our goal to both honor and mirror transparency we see in our business. At a Handmarks party, everyone who is creating jewelry is quite literally, wearing their heart on their sleeve. We honor that transparency by taking the time to understand our customers and creating relationships with them. On a business level, we want everything that we do to be transparent. From recruiting, to compensation, to building a team, transparency ensures accountability and a standard for business.

Abiding by the basic values of respect, honesty, and transparency, the Handmarks team wants to take the best parts of the direct sales industry and improve upon them.

Taking these ideas to heart and putting them into practice is our idea of placing our Handmark on the direct sales industry.