Family Handmarks

Our Favorite Family-Friendly Handmarks

Have you been invited to a Handmarks party by a family member? Even better-are you hosting a Handmarks party? If so, you may be wondering what phrase you should use when you Handmark your jewelry!

Handmarking is perfect for gifts for your loved ones! Many of our consultants have chosen to Handmark their children’s names on their jewelry to keep them close to heart. We’ve listed a few other phrases that we think are perfect for Handmarking.

For your Sister:

• Always Sisters
• I Am Loved
• Dare to Dream
• Count your Blessings
• Forever Family
• Think Big

For your Mom:

• Always in my heart
• Be Present
• I am Blessed
• Be Still
• I am Enough
• Forever Young

For your Daughter:

• Never Give Up
• You’ve Got This
• Have Faith
• I can & I Will
• Enjoy the Journey
• Be the Light
• Dare to Dream Big

For your Aunt:

• Forever Young
• Never Quit
• Make Today Count
• Live with Purpose
• Live & Learn
• Be Kind
• Expect Miracles

For extra quality family time, we recommend setting aside one night to do a Handmarks party!
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life and growing children, it can be difficult to set aside time to spend connecting as a family. Handmarking is a perfect activity for Family Fun Nights! In the same amount of time as watching a movie, you can reconnect with your family by creating Handmarks jewelry. Family time is precious, so make the most out of it by giving everyone a chance to reflect on what really matters in their lives.

Create your Handmarks jewelry with your beautiful and unique story in mind.