Meet the Handmarks Consultant

Meet the Consultant: Jodi Geers

We asked some of our Consultants to talk to us about their Handmarks story. Meet Jodi Hawn Geers, one of our Founding Consultants and leader of the team HeartMarks with Jodi.

What first interested you in the Handmarks products/business?

I was asked to hold a test party during pre-launch and agreed to do so. When asked if I’d be interested in selling, I wasn’t quite convinced. But once I realized that this company is about more than just the jewelry-it’s about creating a wearable Handmark, that’s what really peaked my interest! I love the term Handmarking because it’s really what this company offers. My team is HeartMarks and my Facebook page is called HeartMark with Jodi. Everyone should want to create a wearable Handmark.

What was the reason you became a Consultant?

I wasn’t looking for a new company when I was approached by one of the Handmarks founders. I was happy where I was, but the idea of becoming a Founding Consultant with a new company was extremely appealing. Also, with Handmarks, there is less preparation work to do for each party than I was used to with the previous company I worked for.

What do you think you’ve learned/gained from being a Consultant?

Overall, Handmarks has taught me to be more confident in my leadership abilities as well as giving me the opportunity to further develop these qualities. I’ve learned that I have what it takes to be a leader in this company. The response from my family and friends about selling for Handmarks has been positive.

Why do you continue to work with Handmarks?

Handmarks is more than just jewelry, color pops, tags, etc. It’s about helping people enjoy a new way of adding jewelry to their wardrobe that allows customers to hold on to a memory.

What is your favorite story from a party?

At my first recruit’s first party, the hostess (who had previously attended a Handmarks party) was concerned that she couldn’t Handmark the letters in a straight line. She decided to have her friend hold four letter stamps at the same time while she hammered them. It didn’t work out as well as she hoped, but we all had a good laugh about it. She wanted to keep the tag as it was because it was a fun memory.

Tell us the story behind your favorite Handmark.

During one of my parties, a six-year-old girl Handmarked a piece of jewelry for each of her parents. The fact that even a child can hammer out a Handmark should give every adult the confidence to create their own! I joke now that Handmarking is so easy, even an adult can do it!

What is the best advice for someone considering joining Handmarks?

For $200 [cost of the elite kit], what do you have to lose? You’ll receive more than $1,100 in beautiful jewelry…and I see no downside to that! This company is going to grow exponentially and no one should miss out on the beginning of that ride! I love making up my own schedule, making phone calls in my pajamas, and the looks on customers’ faces when they see their finished Handmarks. Who doesn’t want to be the Consultant at an exciting party while making money?

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