How to Motivate your FRANK to Host a Party

how to motivate your frank to host a party

Now that you’ve created a FRANK list, it’s time to think about how each group will best connect with the Handmarks message. Remember, your relationship with each person on the list can affect your approach in recruiting hosts!


One of the core values of Handmarks is to create, develop, and enrich communities! During a party, friends can get together and create products that connect to the individual while also connecting with other guests.  A great way to motivate your friends is to make the event a “girl’s night in” and have refreshments while enjoying the company of your loved ones! If you have been trying to get together with your college friends to catch up on life, this is the perfect way to do so! Between learning about what is most important to them through their jewelry and getting to connect by genuine conversation, you’ll have a great reunion with a beautiful souvenir to take home.


As you get older, it becomes more difficult to get together with your extended family members. If there is a family birthday coming up, a piece of personalized jewelry is the perfect heartfelt gift! When they inquire more about Handmarks, you can mention that they can earn free or discounted product by hosting a party!


Let your jewelry speak for itself! Wearing your Handmarks pieces are a great way to spread the word about your business! It can be a great ice-breaker for those who you don’t know too well! Keeping business cards on hand will be a benefit to you so you can give your prospective host a next step.


Depending on your relationship with your neighbors, this can be a great start for hosting! Consider hosting a neighborhood Handmarks party for all your neighbors to let them know that they have access to a nearby Consultant. This can also encourage more of your neighbors to host a party if they see that it can be done so close to home.


You’re not a Girl Scout anymore and may not be able to give a child’s signature smile, but you can still recruit and sell with that same confidence! Every parent will tell you that you meet a lot of people through your children. Think about the relationship you have with those who you’ve gotten to know because of your children. If you have younger kids, consider giving their bus driver or teacher a Handmarked keychain with your business card!

There are so many ways to recruit hosts! What was your most successful approach? Let us know in the comments below!