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Faith-Based Handmarks

faith based handmarks hope loveIf you are a person of faith, custom jewelry is a fun and beautiful way to express this part of your life. Handmarking a piece of jewelry is a great way to keep your favorite scripture close to your heart. You can also gift your Handmark to someone who is struggling in a difficult time.

Hosting a Handmarks party is perfect for your women’s ministry or small group! We recommend hosting a Handmarks party at the end of a Bible study to commemorate what you’ve learned!


These are a few of our favorite faith-based Handmarking phrases:


• John 3:16
• By Grace Thru Faith
• Have Faith
• Just Believe
• Let Go & Let God


• Open Your Heart
• See the Good
• Expect Miracles
• Child of God
• Always Believe


• Love Always
• Love Conquers All
• Love More
• Choose Love
• I Am Loved

Handmarking can be a great reminder to yourself or a powerful encouragement to a friend. If you’re gifting your Handmark, think of the needs of the recipient; could they be reminded of God’s love for them or His sovereignty? On the other hand, if you’re keeping your Handmark, choose a phrase that speaks to your heart. Even if there’s a scripture that you’ve always loved, you can Handmark any reference on a tag!

You can choose to add a little extra detail to your Handmarks jewelry by adding a cross, charm, or a heart! What faith-based phrases have you Handmarked? Show us in the comments below!