Customizing Your Handmarks Party

One of the best parts about hosting a Handmarks party is that you can customize it for almost any occasion, theme, or holiday! With every Consultant and host bringing their own flair and spark to the table, we have created a list of different ways to make your party stand out!




Girl’s Night In
Embrace the night in by telling all your guests to show up in their pajamas or comfiest clothes. Everyone can enjoy relaxing and spending time with family and friends. You could even blend this idea with a spa party and let your guests use face masks and bring their favorite nail polish!

High School/College Reunion
Reunions are the perfect time for Handmarks! While chatting over what’s happened since the last time everyone has seen each other, you can learn about what is closest to their heart by seeing what each guest has Handmarked. Once finished, everyone can explain why they used a name or phrase and why it’s significant to them.

Christmas in July
Who wouldn’t want to get a head start on their Christmas shopping? Handmarks parties are a great way to start the Christmas shopping process by creating custom jewelry for your loved ones.

Mother-Daughter Duo Night
The relationship between mothers and daughters is unlike any other. Handmarks was made to connect with your family and loved ones by creating custom jewelry to reflect what matters to you. Holding a mother-daughter party is the perfect way to help the duo connect and have fun with other mothers and daughters.


Java & Jewelry
Offer a variety of coffees and teas for your guests to enjoy while they create their jewelry. You could either purchase different blends of coffee or a few different flavored creamers. As an added touch, offer some small desserts or snacks to accompany the coffees.

Hot Fudge Sundaes & Handmarks
Everyone loves a good ice cream social! Ask your guests to answer the question “If I were an ice cream topping, what would I be?” and bring that topping to the party! After all the guests are finished creating their Handmarks jewelry, everyone could enjoy an ice cream sundae that represents a little bit of the whole group.

Brownies & Bracelets
Dessert has a way of bringing people together. Share a few pans of brownies and enjoy your time with your family and friends. Creating your Handmarks is the icing on the cake (or the brownie) for the perfect afternoon spent with loved ones.

Brunch & Bracelets
With a name like Brunch and Bracelets, everyone will want to attend your Handmarks party! Having a brunch reception for your guests, followed by Handmarking is a wonderful way to catch up with your friends and family.

What have you done to make your Handmarks party unique and memorable? Let us know in the comments! If any of these ideas sounds fun to you, contact us to learn more about how to host a party!