7 Steps to Planning Your Party

handmarks partyPlanning a Handmarks party doesn’t have to be stressful! It just takes 7 steps to create a party that everyone will enjoy!

1. Work with Host to Find Date

Make sure you find a date that works best with yourself and the host. We recommend keeping everything in a physical datebook so your host can see that you are-quite literally- penciling her in your schedule.

2. Choose a Theme

Every party has a theme. Whether it be more simplistic like “Handmarks 101” or something like “Java & Jewelry,” it can make your party stand out just a bit more!

3. Create Invitations or Facebook Event

Based on the theme of the party, you can create invitations to mail, email, or hand out. Additionally, if you choose, you can create an event on Facebook and invite the friends you’d like to attend your party. If you would like to ask guests to bring or wear something to your party, this is a great place to put that information.

4. Plan Refreshments

Work with your Host to figure out what refreshments they are providing for your guests. This is largely dependent on the time of day that you are holding the party. You can always take it a step further and create refreshments based on your party’s theme or occasion. Remind your host that simplicity is the key!

5. Plan Activities

Handmarks is all about people and community. As your guests are all coming together for your party, add some activities to make everyone feel more comfortable! Your host may have some questions about what happens during a party. We have a few ideas for fun party activities:

Handmarks Trivia: For those who are unfamiliar with Handmarks, this can be a fun way for people to learn more about the company and products.
What’s in Your Purse: Commonly used for bridal showers and baby showers, this game can also be fun for a group of women who keep a lot in their bags!
Bingo: This is great for a group of close friends or family members. Customize a bingo card with situations that will likely happen and whoever finds BINGO first, wins a small gift.
Crazy Questions & Answers: This icebreaker is a fun way for people to laugh together! Give each quest two index cards-one for a crazy question and one for a crazy answer. Put all the questions in one bowl and the answers in another and have each guest pick one to read out loud.

6. Ensure you have enough inventory

Make sure that you have enough to show at your parties. The most important thing to remember for inventory is to carry enough tags for each guest to stamp. Don’t forget the practice plates!

7. Communicate with your host

Always, always, always communicate with your Host! The two of you are working together to make this party a success, so ensure that you are both communicating with each other along the way. This will make for a much less stressful party planning experience.

What other tips have you found to be helpful when planning your Handmarks party? Let us know!