The Consultant’s Guide to Party Follow Ups

consultant guide to follow up partyAfter the fun and excitement of creating Handmarks with family and friends, it’s important to make sure your interactions with party guests doesn’t end when they say goodbye.

Setting the Stage

At the end of your party, make sure that you get a one-on-one with each guest where you take a photo of their creation! This gives you a great opportunity to hear about the story of each piece if you haven’t already. You can also gauge interest to see what your guests think about hosting a party or joining as a Consultant. If there are any guests who express interest in hosting or joining, find a time to have a follow up call with them a few days later.

The Next Day

Connect with your Host to confirm what items they will be rewarded with. During that conversation, talk to your Host and see if they have any interest in joining Handmarks as a Consultant.

2-3 Days PRIOR to Order Delivery

Keeping track of delivery dates can help you develop lasting relationships with your guests. You can connect with both the Host and guests to let them know that their order will be arriving soon. Sending a Thank You note will let your Host and guests know that you value their business!

1 Week After the Order Delivery

After the delivery arrives, check in with your Host and guests to ensure that all orders arrived in a safe and timely manner. You can use that time to invite them to join Handmarks one last time. After all, the biggest compliment you can give to them is to invite them to join your team! While you’re in contact with the Host, thank them for their time in hosting the party and ask if they would like to connect with you in six months to see if anything new is happening with Handmarks!

Communication, Communication, Communication

The key to following up with your Host and guests is to keep an open relationship with each of them. If you are approachable and encouraging, you are more likely to grow your team and book more parties! Remember, word of mouth is the best advertising you can have in direct sales!