Meet the Handmarks Consultant

Meet the Consultant: Jessica Soullier

We asked some of our Consultants to talk to us about their Handmarks story. Meet Jessica Soullier, a Founding Consultant and leader of the team Handmarks with Jess.

How did you hear about Handmarks?

The first time I heard about Handmarks was when I was invited to attend a party by a friend.

What first interested you in the product/business?

I became interested in the Handmarks products when I found out that we could stamp the tags ourselves. At the time, the company was brand new and it was really enticing to me that I could be involved in something at the ground floor!

What was the reason you became a Consultant?

My decision to become a Consultant was based on my passion for the direct sales industry and my love for the idea of custom jewelry.

What do you think you’ve learned/gained from being a Consultant?

Through becoming a Handmarks Consultant, I have gained many great new relationships! I’ve also learned that you get what you put into your business. It’s important to be intentional about selling products and recruiting other Consultants or Hosts.

Why do you continue to work with Handmarks?

I have continued to work for Handmarks because I genuinely love the products and feel excited when I’m able to share it with others! Additionally, I love how the founders of Handmarks listen to Consultants and are so approachable and personable with us.

Tell us the story behind your favorite Handmark.

My favorite Handmark is a necklace I made to honor my parents that have passed, so it is very meaningful to me. It has two round tags with one marked “mom” and the other marked “dad”. They both have three overlapping heart stamps. I included their anniversary crystal and an angel wing charm. It allows me to bring the happy memories I have with them wherever I go!

What is your best advice for people considering being a Consultant?

The best advice I could give is to simply go for it! If you’re thinking about this, there’s a reason for it! It will be the best decision you have ever made! Don’t be scared if you feel unsure of how to start or maintain your business because your upline, sideline, and everyone else at Handmarks is here to support you. We all want the greater Handmarks business to grow, so Consultants like to encourage and help each other’s businesses thrive!

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