benefits of handmarks community

4 Benefits of the Handmarks Community

Community plays a key role in who we become. Large or small, we all have a community of people that support us and care for us. At Handmarks, we want to deepen and expand your community.

Our guiding principles- listen, learn, love, lift, and lead- were all designed as a way of creating an empowering and inviting Handmarks family.

You have the support of other Consultants.

Our company has purpose and meaning behind our products and messaging strategies. We encourage our Consultants to get to know one another and learn from each other. Many Consultants like to brainstorm ideas for parties and jewelry, so they rely on other Consultants for suggestions and input. Most importantly, our Consultants look at each other as confidants instead of as competition, which creates an environment of support and encouragement.

You have the support of our Founders.

As experts in direct sales, we were intentional about creating a company that was more than just a way to make money. It would be a way for Consultants and Hosts to connect with the people in their circles of influence. As we developed these guiding principles, we knew that they would be important in how everyone involved in Handmarks would interact with one another. All our founders have made themselves available to our Consultants to answer questions and offer guidance through the direct sales process.

You have the support of your Upline.

Your upline is your built-in cheerleader! If you were recruited, you already know that this person saw potential in you! She is happy to help you create the business you want. We train our Consultants to be approachable, supportive, and helpful to their downline.

We offer training to our Consultants

Each Tuesday, we have a training conference call for all Consultants. The topics range from recruiting to building your business! Our Founders have spent their entire careers in direct sales and have so much information to give to our Consultants! Also, Handmarks University gives our Consultants access to a variety of resources including training, product information, and social media assets.

No matter how much sales experience you have, Handmarks will meet you at your current skill level and empower you to do more! Contact us to learn more about joining the Handmarks community!