Meet the Handmarks Consultant

Meet the Consultant: Jeannette Maddox

handmarks consultantWe asked some of our Consultants to talk to us about their Handmarks story. Meet Jeannette Maddox, a Founding Consultant and leader of the team Handmarks with Jeannette

How did you hear about Handmarks?

One of the Co-Founders contacted me. I’d worked with them previously and they were excited to share information on a new company – Handmarks!

What first interested you in the product/business?

I reviewed the information I received and looked at the website. I love that this brand new company featured one-of-a-kind products that hadn’t been seen yet in direct sales!

What was the reason you became a Consultant?

After speaking with the owners of the company, I loved all I had heard about Handmarks. I was honored to be contacted and excited to be a Founding Consultant with a new company that spoke to the heart. Additionally, I loved their vision of what this company would become and wanted to become a part of their story.

What do you think you’ve learned/gained from being a Consultant?

Since joining Handmarks, I have learned what a privilege it is to work with a company that truly works for the Consultants and with the Consultants. I love and highly value the experiences that the Handmarks founders have to offer, whether it relates to processes and procedures, back office systems, contests, products, or training! It is wonderful that they give their knowledge freely, keeping the Consultant at the front of their minds.

Why do you continue to work with Handmarks?

My motivation and passion has always been to help others. I love that I’m able to lead by example and show that the life someone dreams about can be a reality. They can live their life on their terms with the opportunities of time and financial freedom, recognition, and fulfillment. Also, I love that I decide where and when I work and how successful I want to be. Handmarks offers all these opportunities and more! I can run a successful business, enjoy all the family events, and fulfill my passion of helping others! I love what I do!

What is your favorite story from a party?

My favorite story happened at my first workshop. While saying goodbye to the everyone, one guest proceeded to tell me how blessed she was at the workshop and how she needed this time of gathering and sharing with friends. She loved the experience and was excited to host a workshop of her own. It once again showed me how much we can bless others through our business. Every day we have the opportunity to change a life, so whose life will we bless today?

What is your favorite Handmark?

I have two favorite Handmarks! My first is a tag I created that simply says Handmarks.  The second says Impressions by Design and is stamped with a heart to represent my team because I am so blessed to have them with me on this journey as we design the life we want to live.

Advice for people considering being a Consultant for Handmarks

If you have been thinking…. there must be something more… there is – Handmarks! Join us! Handmarks is all about the heart, not only for the guests, but also for the Consultants. Whatever you’re looking for – new career, extra income, friendship – Handmarks is a company like no other.

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