Brighten Your Summer with Color Pops

Summer is a great time to start using bright colors in your accessories! Try adding color pops to your custom Handmarks jewelry to set the tone for your message.


The yellow color pop symbolizes youthfulness and joy that someone or something brings you. Why not tell someone that they brighten your life by making a set of matching Handmarks? Get a matching piece with a friend, family member, or loved one! Let your yellow color pop set the standard for your bright and exciting moments ahead!

Handmarks suggested phrases:

• You are my Sunshine | My only Sunshine
• Young at heart
• Keep smiling | Keep shining
• Days like these


Choose a coral color pop to bring out your fun and spunky side. This color signifies the beauty of summer sunsets and the colorful corals at the bottom of the sea. Representing where the sunset meets the sea – effortlessly beautiful and exhilarating. Organically your coral color pop can be mixed with your blue color pop to symbolize both the sky and ocean.

Handmarks suggested phrases:

• I am free
• Free to choose
• Beautiful Soul
• Adventure



If your personality fits between pink and purple, consider the mauve color pop. Mauve symbolizes warmth, calmness, peace, beauty, and love. With the brightness of pink and the dark cloudy tones of purple, the mauve color pop is both subtle and versatile. Use mauve in your set of earrings as this color is complementary to all skin tones or outfit colors.

Handmarks suggested phrases:

• The storm will pass
• Trust your journey
• It is well with my soul


Feel blissful with your blue color pop! With so much depth and stability in blue, this color pop symbolizes trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and oceanic blues; and is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. Our blue color pop will add an aesthetic to the words on your Handmarks jewelry and is a great everyday color for almost any outfit.

Handmarks suggested phrases:

• Somewhere beyond the sea
• Happy Soul
• Beauty is within



What color represents happiness, energy, or summer more than orange? It combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow and is associated with joy and sunshine. Get creative with orange and put it on your bracelet or necklace with your name or an inspirational saying. Let an orange color pop spark your optimism in your daily life.

Handmarks suggested phrases:

• You smile, I smile.
• Brave
• Be fearless


Evergreen symbolizes life, renewal, energy, growth, and ambition. If your happy place is the forest or you feel most serene outdoors, then the evergreen color pop is just for you. Use your evergreen color pop on your Handmarks jewelry to feel free and ready to adventure. You can even mix and match the evergreen and the blue color pop – evergreen representing the land and the blue color pop representing the ocean.

Handmarks suggested phrases:

• Listen, to the music
• Free spirit
• Travel
• Discover
• Adventure awaits

Since color evokes a feeling or mood, decide what each color means to you. We want you to create something with meaning to keep special memories with you each day. Make your mark today with Handmarks! We don’t just make accessories at Handmarks, we create memories.