How to Use August Birthday Bling

Just like people, every birthstone is different and each stone has its own special meaning. You can customize your Handmarks jewelry by adding a birthstone gem to give it that personal touch. If you have a loved one who was born in August, consider throwing a Handmarks party to customize jewelry with this month’s birthstone: the Peridot.

What’s a Peridot?

There’s a history of positivity behind August’s beautiful, green birthstone. Peridot was called “the gem of the sun” by Ancient Egyptians, who thought that it could protect its wearer from nightmares. Green symbolizes growth and freshness, just like the lush nature around us in these final days of summer. As a result of green being so easy on the eyes, it is said to have a soothing effect.

Most importantly, the Peridot represents strength. Those who were born in August can be reminded of their strength and resilience whenever they wear this stone. The bright lime coloring pairs beautifully with our sterling silver bracelets and necklaces.

Whether it’s for a loved one or for yourself, you can capture the green serenity of Peridot with Handmarks. Include a special phrase or message with the August Birthday Bling charm to commemorate a birthday, or just to remind someone of their importance in your life.

What should I Handmark with this?

  • Strength
  • Stay Strong
  • Life’s tough|So are you
  • Fearless
  • Still, I Rise
  • Resilience
  • Courage


Here at Handmarks, we believe in the importance of love. Why not spend time with a loved one this August, customizing jewelry to reflect the positivity of the Peridot? It’s the perfect way to end the summer!