Oh, how CHARM-ing!

When you’re creating a piece of jewelry that represents something you aspire to be or that keeps a special memory alive, we want your design to be unique and custom. Our charms are symbols of ideas that are just as meaningful as they are adorable!

Angel Wing

We have all lost a loved one that we wish was still with us. Our Angel Wing charm is about acknowledging the person who has made a mark on your heart. With this charm, you can be reminded that this person will always be with you in spirit.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • Touched by an Angel
  • Fly High
  • Always in my Heart

Celtic Knot Heart

Shaped as a heart, this Celtic knot represents eternity by showing a series of interwoven loops with no beginning or end. This symbol from the Irish tradition is often used to reference love, loyalty, faith, and friendship. Use this charm to embody the relationship you have with a close friend or family member.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • Love Always
  • Forever N Always
  • No Limits

Four Legged Best Friend

Your pets can be like family. With this pawprint charm, you capture the love you have for your pet. Best of all, you can keep them close even when you must be apart.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • Dog Mom
  • Be Paw-sitive
  • Love is a 4-Legged Word

Good Luck Elephant

Let Handmarks provide you with the ultimate good luck charm. Elephants are among the oldest symbols of good luck in many cultures. They are also known for their wisdom, peaceful nature, and patience. Wear this charm to feel calm and composed – just like an elephant.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Breathe
  • Be Kind


Blooming in spring or early summer, the daisy symbolizes new beginnings and love. Use this charm to congratulate a loved one for starting at a new school or job, or just as a touching reminder of your relationship.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • Begin Today
  • Enjoy The Journey


Our Angel charm represents hope, trust, and love. As a traditional part of the Christian faith, angels are thought to watch over people and give protection. Wear this charm to bring comfort and stability to your life.

Phrases to Handmark: 

  • Breathe In | Breathe Out
  • Trust Yourself
  • Guardian Angel


If a butterfly lands on you, it’s considered good luck. The butterfly is a positive symbol, as it represents hope, love, and endurance of life. Wear our Butterfly charm every day for some extra luck!

Phrases to Handmark:

  • Break Free
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Fly On

Open Cross

If you are a person of faith, the Open Cross charm can express this important part of your life. The cross itself holds special meaning, as its two intersecting lines represent the meeting of heaven and earth. This charm can reflect your beliefs and dedication to your faith.

Phrases to Handmark: 

  • Have Faith
  • He Is With Me
  • Faith, Family, Friends


The dragonfly symbolizes transformation and self-realization. Because dragon flies often skim just above the water, they represent looking beyond the surface to discover the bigger picture. With this Dragonfly charm, you’ll be reminded of the importance of change and growth.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • Live in the Moment
  • Be the Change
  • Eyes Wide Open

Crescent Moon/Star

Ancient Greeks associated the moon with their goddesses, so the moon is thought to represent feminine power. With this charm, you can embrace the strength you have inside you, or show a friend how much you admire their resilience.

Phrases to Handmark:

  • To The Moon & Back
  • I Can & I Will
  • You Are Enough

Which charm is your favorite? Each one has its own special meaning, so when you’re creating your Handmarks jewelry, be sure to pick a charm that speaks to you!