September Birthday Bling

If you were born in September, your birthstone is the beautiful sapphire! Customize your Handmarks jewelry this month with a September Birthday Bling charm.

What’s so special about the Sapphire?

Every birthstone has its own special meaning, and the sapphire is no different. This jewel has a history with religion and royalty. Kings and clergy members wore sapphire because they believed it would offer protection from poison.

Sapphire is often referred to as the Stone of Wisdom, as it is believed that the gem inspires knowledge and reveals the truth. Today, sapphire is still a popular jewel. After all, Princess Diana’s engagement ring featured a giant sapphire stone!

The blue color of sapphire is also significant. Much like the stillness of water, blue is associated with tranquility. Wearing a sapphire gem brings you ease of mind and a calm demeanor.

How can I use this in my Handmarks?

Pair the September Birthday Bling charm with a meaningful phrase to truly capture the positive vibes of sapphire. It could be a word that defines your personality, or maybe a phrase that reminds you of the sapphire’s strength. Here are some of our favorite phrases to pair with the September birthstone charm!

  • Serenity
  • Keep Calm & Carry On
  • Peace of Mind
  • Trust Yourself
  • Smile

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, the September birthstone is a perfect addition to any Handmarks jewelry. Enjoy the beautiful blue glow of sapphire and the peace of mind that comes with it!