Handmarks can Strengthen Your Community

Strengthen Your Community with Handmarks

friendship handmarks braceletsWe all have different groups of special people in our lives. Maybe you’re a member of a church group, or you have close friends within your neighborhood. It can be hard to find the time to get together and catch up. Take a break from your busy, everyday life and try something new with your social group – like hosting a Handmarks party!

Hosting a Handmarks party gives your group special time with one another. You might even learn something new about your friends based on what they choose to Handmark. Below are a few Handmarks party ideas that can strengthen the bond of your community.

Dog Moms Party

If you have a furry friend in your life, chances are the two of you go on walks together. You have probably met other dog moms just like you – so why not host a Handmarks party with your fellow dog-lovers? You can each mark a dog tag with your pet’s name and attach it to brightly colored, matching collars. Or Handmark bracelets for yourselves with the Four-Legged BFF pawprint charm, to keep your dog close no matter where you go.

Faith-Based Party

Being a member of a church group is an important aspect of many people’s lives. If you are a person of faith, consider meeting up outside of church to celebrate your shared faith with a Handmarks party. Your group can share meaningful Bible verses and Handmark them as a daily reminder of their importance.

Neighborhood “Block” Party

Who doesn’t love a block party? Capture that same sense of community by throwing a neighborhood Handmarks party. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors beyond the usual small talk. What each person chooses to Handmark reflects their personality and values, so a Handmarks party will further strengthen your neighborly bond. Have some great BBQ food ready and make it a real “block party”!

Moms-Only Party

Moms need time for themselves, too. Consider hosting a Handmarks party just for mothers, to chit-chat and take a break from the busyness of soccer practice and school functions. You’ll get to know your fellow Moms a little better, all while creating beautiful jewelry for yourself or your loved ones.

Hosting a Handmarks party is a special way to connect with the important people in your life. Spend more time with those who matter most to you, and create an even closer-knit community with Handmarks.