October Birthday Bling

The pink tourmaline crystal is October’s primary birthstone and holds special meaning for its wearer.

The Special Meaning Behind Pink Tourmaline

What makes the tourmaline so beautiful is its rainbow of colors – after all, its name means “mixed stone!” Common hues include magenta, bright yellow, forest green, and violet. This gem could be any range of these colors, and it may even include more than one or two. Life is like a box of tourmalines…you never know what you’re going to get!

Other than its gorgeous appearance, this gemstone’s meaning exudes positivity. Pink tourmaline holds the power of unconditional love, and it is thought to heal emotional pain and instill confidence. This gem encourages sympathy toward others, a gentle demeanor, and personal transformation.

The gem is worn for its calming powers, and it is said to be especially useful for people who suffer from panic attacks. There is spiritual meaning as well, because even today, the tourmaline is used by tribes to protect against danger.

Pink Tourmaline & Handmarks!

With all these positive attributes, you don’t have to be born in October to appreciate pink tourmaline. Wear this gemstone to inspire serenity and open your heart to love.

Here are some of our favorite phrases to Handmark alongside the October birthday bling charm!

  • Love Fiercely
  • I Am Fearless
  • All You Need Is Love
  • Tranquility
  • Love You More