Endless Possibilities

Our New Endless Possibilities Collection!

Handmarks has had an exciting past couple of weeks! At the end of September, we released our brand new 2019 Catalog. And on October 4th, Handmarks celebrated its first anniversary!

Our 2019 Catalog is the perfect way to celebrate our first anniversary as a company. It features all kinds of new products that are ready to be Handmarked and personalized by you. Today, we’re giving you the inside scoop on our new Possibilities Collection!

With this collection, the possibilities are endless. There are so many individual pieces that you can mix and match to create a beautiful necklace. The collection comes with strands of different lengths, colors, and materials. Choose between sea bead, suede leather, and chain, and experiment with different colors like purple, silver, or gold!

Who says a necklace can only have one strand? This collection allows you to clip multiple strands onto one necklace. You can hang different colored strands from the same two clips or twist them together to create a gorgeous coiled-rope look. And with all these different materials and colors, you can layer your necklace to make it pop!

Enjoy everything you love about Handmarks with the Possibilities Collection. The collection includes clips that are perfect for attaching charms, pendants, color pops, and Handmarked tags. So on top of layering strands, you can also layer your favorite charms!

Life is full of possibilities, and so is your journey with Handmarks. Want to learn more about our new Possibilities Collection? Contact us today!