November Birthstone

November’s Birthstone — Topaz

Happy November! If you or a loved one have a birthday this month, it’s important to know about November’s birthstone – the gorgeous topaz. Even if your birthday falls on a different month, you can still enjoy this gemstone!

Did you know that most topaz is colorless? Pure topaz is rarely blue in color, so the gem is often heat-treated to produce a beautiful blue color. Natural topaz comes in a range of colors, from golden brown to honey yellow. Back in the Middle Ages, topaz was rare and highly sought after. Today, this gemstone is much more widespread and affordable.

There is so much positivity surrounding the topaz. It is considered a powerful symbol of love and affection, so this gem is commonly used as a marriage anniversary gift. Topaz is also thought to improve concentration, sharpen intelligence, and promote creativity. Artists often keep topaz nearby to benefit their creative flow.

Many believe that wearing topaz has proven benefits. Some say that this gemstone can benefit your eyesight – a belief that dates back to the 13th century. Hindus believed that, if the topaz was worn as a pendant, it could lengthen one’s life.

Now you know the history and special meaning behind November’s birthstone, topaz! Pair this beautiful gem with a Handmarked tag that emphasizes its positive powers.

Wondering what words or phrases to Handmark with topaz? Check out these ideas to get you started!

  • Create
  • Breathe | Focus
  • Love, Always
  • Imagine, And It Will Be
  • All of me | Loves All of You