Black Friday Handmarks Party

Host a Handmarks Party This Black Friday!

Black Friday is a day known for hectic shopping and the best deals on Christmas presents. But what if you didn’t have to venture out into early morning crowds or wait in long lines for the perfect gift? Hosting a Handmarks party on Black Friday can be the perfect solution!

PJ’s & Jewelry

There’s no age limit to a pajama party! Skip the hectic Black Friday scene and opt for a Handmarks party instead! Have all your guests show up in their favorite winter pajamas and enjoy a relaxing time of making jewelry that you can either keep for yourself or gift to your loved ones. Complete the cozy experience by serving hot chocolate and hot apple cider to your guests.

Goodies & Gifts

After the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, everyone could use a little treat! What could be more enjoyable than having a dessert potluck with your friends and family?  With everyone bringing their favorite dessert (or the extra from Thanksgiving dinner), each guest can enjoy sweets and the company of their loved ones. Is there anything sweeter than that?

Midnight Madness

If you aren’t quite ready to give up your Black Friday deals, consider setting the tone for your day by hosting a Handmarks party! If a group of your friends are going Black Friday shopping together, start the day by Handmarking some gifts for your friends and family.  While you’re creating your Handmarks, you can caffeinate and prepare yourself for the shopping ahead!

When you host a Handmarks party, the benefits are endless! Not only are you able to do something fun and different with your loved ones, but you can be earning free or discounted product! Let our Handmarks Consultants help you leave an impression while your family and friends capture their special memories on their jewelry!