Gift Giving Guide

Handmarks Gift Giving Guide

The holiday season is all about giving, but it can be tough thinking of special gift ideas for your friends and family every year. Give your loved ones something that was designed and created just for them: Handmarks jewelry!

Looking for inspiration to get started? Here is your official Handmarks Gift Giving Guide!

Pairing Charms & Birthstones

One of the simplest ways to make your Handmarks jewelry truly special is to pair a loved one’s birthstone with a meaningful charm. If they are a person of faith, opt for the Open Cross or Angel Wing. Or if they love animals, go for the Four-Legged Best Friend or Good Luck Elephant charm. With so many stones and charms to choose from, your loved one will open their gift and immediately know it was created just for them.

Explore the Possibilities

There is so much room for creativity with our Endless Possibilities Collection, so each necklace will be unique to its owner. Choose from beaded, leather, or rope chain strands, with colors ranging from turquoise and purple to silver and gold. Think of your loved one’s favorite colors when layering their necklace, and as a final touch, you can add a pendant, charm, or birthstone you know they will love.

Handmarked Phrase

A short word or phrase can speak volumes. Send your loved one a meaningful message with their Handmarked gift, so they will be reminded of you whenever they wear it. Here are some of our favorite Handmarks phrases to get you started:

  • To The Moon & Back
  • My Angel
  • Stay Strong
  • My Friend, My Family
  • Be Fearless

Handmarks is more than jewelry – it’s a statement, a sentiment of love, or a beautiful reminder. Throw a Christmas-themed Handmarking party this month to create special gifts for your loved ones. You’ll spend quality time with your closest friends, all while making necklaces and bracelets uniquely designed for your family!