New Year, New Business

New Year, New Business

2019 was a huge year for Handmarks! As we jump into 2020, we’re taking what we learned from our first year in business and preparing for an even more successful year – full of meeting new Consultants, Hosts, and growing our Handmarks family.

New Year’s (Business) Resolution

A new year is the perfect time for resolutions, even in business. In 2020, our main goal is to expand the Handmarks family even further. We are so proud of our Founding Consultants who have been part of our family since the beginning, as well as those who joined us along the way. It’s incredible to see your amazing and thoughtful accomplishments!

For Handmarks, our strength is our community. Why is why we continue to grow not only our teams, but also our product lines – offering more amazing items to Handmark! Handmarks is all about spreading love and learning from one another, and 2020 will allow us to continue in that goal.

What Does 2020 Hold for Handmarks?

Handmarks accomplished a lot towards the end of 2019! We launched our brand-new catalog containing tons of new products, like our Endless Possibilities collection. We also created an online shop, where you can order your very own Handmarks products whenever you like. These changes mark the start of an exciting future for Handmarks!

So what does 2020 hold for Handmarks? The new year is like starting with a blank canvas, and every Handmarks piece begins the same way. We’re moving into the new year with an open mind, ready for new opportunities to create and share our passion with others.

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf in 2020 and start doing something you love? If you want to be in charge of your business and really leave your mark, join the Handmarks family today. We’re ready to take on the new year with you!