January's Siam Birthstone

January’s Siam Birthday Bling

You don’t have to be born in January to appreciate this month’s birthstone: siam! This gemstone is a beautiful ruby red hue – the perfect shade of warmth to carry you through the middle of winter. Like every birthstone, siam has an interesting history that holds significant meaning.

About Siam

Siam, also referred to as garnet, has been around for centuries. The gemstone gets its name from the seeds of a pomegranate, which share its rich red color. Siam is a very durable gem, as it has been found in jewelry buried for thousands of years. Prized in Ancient Egypt, siam was often placed on the bodies of pharaohs when they were laid to rest.

The Meaning Behind Siam

Throughout history, siam has been thought to give various health benefits to its wearer. The stone was often worn to increase strength and endurance, and it was also used as a remedy for blood-related ailments. This red gemstone is seen by many as a “gift of love,” and it is often given as an anniversary gift in romantic relationships.

There are many who believe siam holds power over emotions and mental health. It is thought that the gem inspires passion, friendship, and success – whether that be in business or your personal life. Siam is also believed to give courage to its wearer, both with self-confidence and bravery in times of crisis.

Handmarks & Siam

Without a doubt, siam has a great deal of positivity surrounding it. So why not include a January Birthday Bling charm in your next Handmarks creation? Our birthstone charms come with rhodium or gold plating, and they make the perfect addition to any Handmarks jewelry.

Here are our favorite phrases to Handmark alongside the beautiful siam gemstone:

  • Be Brave
  • I Am Enough
  • Self–Love
  • Have Courage
  • Dream, Plan, Do