February Birthday Bling – Amethyst

What gem is bold, beautiful, and purple? Amethyst, of course! This gorgeous gem is February’s birthstone.

Each month, we dive into the history and significance behind its designated birthstone – like January’s ruby red siam! There is so much positive meaning behind the beautiful amethyst stone.

An Amethyst History Lesson

The rich purple color of amethyst has been associated with royalty for centuries, as purple dye was extremely expensive and only the richest could afford to wear it. It makes sense that amethyst gems were often found in the crown jewelry of English kings and queens! Amethyst was discovered in the famous tomb of King Tut, as Ancient Egyptians believed it could protect against witchcraft.

Meaning Behind Amethyst

On top of its extensive history, still today amethyst is still believed to hold significant meaning today. This gem is thought to give calming qualities to its wearer, such as soothing grief from the loss of a loved one. Many believe that amethyst can promote creativity and passion, helping to inspire new ideas and drive the imagination.

Handmarks February Birthday Bling

At Handmarks, every charm and tag holds unique meaning for its wearer. Amethyst may be February’s birthstone, but you can enjoy this gem any day of the year – no matter when you were born! Here are some phrases to Handmark alongside our February Birthday Bling charm:

  • Breathe
  • This Too Shall Pass
  • Create
  • Stay Inspired
  • Imagine