March Birthday Bling: Aquamarine

With spring fast approaching, bright and cheerful colors are making their way back in style, making March’s birthstone, aquamarine, the perfect gemstone to kick off the new season! Like any birthstone, aquamarine is a popular gem that holds a rich history and powerful meaning.

About Aquamarine

With its stunning shade of cool blue, the name aquamarine is derived from the 1700’s phrase “water of the sea.” It was often called the Sailor’s Stone, as it was believed to keep sailors safe from rough seas and impossible storms. It was also thought to bring victory in battle and protect royalty from poison. Without a doubt, aquamarine has a positive history of keeping its wearer safe through difficult times.

Meaning Behind Aquamarine

Because aquamarine’s light blue color is reminiscent of the sea, there is significance in its glassy, “mirror-like” reflection. Aquamarine is thought to be a gemstone of self-reflection, like looking at yourself face-to-face in the mirror. Wearing this stone is believed to bring out your inner truth and allow for your thoughts to be spoken clearly, even in difficult times.

Aquamarine & Handmarks

With so much positivity surrounding aquamarine, why wouldn’t you want to include it in your next Handmarks creation? You don’t have to be born in March to appreciate this beautiful gemstone, so our March Birthday Bling charm is perfect for anyone, no matter what their birthdate.

Here are some of our favorite phrases to pair with aquamarine!

  • You Can Do It
  • Sink or Swim
  • Speak Your Truth
  • Trust Yourself
  • Listen to Your Soul