Top 3 Ways to Use Color

Feeling a little dull after that long winter? Springtime is the perfect opportunity to bring a splash of color back into your life – and Handmarks has plenty of color to share!

Not all jewelry has to be simply gold or silver. There are so many ways to incorporate color into your look, whether that be a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings (or all three!). With the first day of spring just one week away, check out our top 3 ways to use colors in your Handmarking.

Colorful Possibilities

Have you heard the buzz surrounding our new Endless Possibilities Collection? This collection is definitely living up to the hype, especially because of how many different ways you can build and personalize your Possibilities necklaces. This means there are lots of opportunities for colors!

Since you can pick your base strands, add color right from the start with the Multi-Colored Pastel Beads base. This base contains pastel beads of green, pink, blue, and orange, so it will be like wearing the colors of a beautiful landscape painting. The collection also offers Purple or Turquoise Seed Beads for your base, so you can go for a more monochromatic feel without sacrificing that splash of color.

Add a Small Pop of Color

Our Color Pops were designed to add the perfect touch of color to any piece. These charms come in a variety of colors, from blue and evergreen to mauve and coral. If you’re a little hesitant to be bold with your colors, you can choose one color pop to add to your silver or gold-based jewelry. This will give just the right amount of color, without distracting from your outfit or other accessories.

Birthstone Charms

What better way to include color in your jewelry than with your very own birthstone? Whether your birthstone is the ruby-red siam of January or the glowing pink tourmaline of October, these gemstones provide a perfect splash of color. If you’re not the biggest fan of your birthstone, just choose your favorite! All that matters is how the color makes you feel, so attach whichever birthstone charm matches your mood to your Handmarks necklace or bracelet for a brilliant pop of color.

Bring a little color into your life with Handmarks. There are so many ways to incorporate color into your jewelry, from our Endless Possibilities Collection to color pops and birthstones. Check out our other colorful products here!