Creative Ideas For Your Handmarks Party

If you’re planning a Handmarks party this spring, it’s time to get creative! No matter how much experience you have entertaining guests, it can be difficult to come up with creative party ideas. Just use these four tips to make your event even more fun and creative, then watch as your guests create wonderful memories together.


Make your party stand out from the rest by choosing a unique theme. This could be a simple theme like desserts or the color purple. You could go more specific and make your party a nautical, masquerade, or roaring 20s themed party. Once you’ve decided on a theme, find creative ways to incorporate it into the party experience. You can make a music playlist, decorate your party room, and even choose food that goes along with your theme.  

Finger Food

What’s a party without food? Offering finger food at your party will make for a more relaxed atmosphere and allow for party members to snack at any time they please. 

For a choice of food, you can never go wrong with the standard veggie platters, crackers and cheese, or chips and salsa. But if you want to get more creative, try mini chicken and waffles, stuffed jalapeños, or roasted chickpeas. For those with a sweet tooth, try cheesecake cups, meringue cookies, or edible cookie dough bites.

Try to find a balanced mix of food that fits everyone’s tastes and matches the party theme. Just like our jewelry collections, the possibilities are endless!

Ice Breakers

Do you have a lot of party guests who don’t know each other? Start your party with an ice breaker to introduce the guests, raise the party’s energy level, and get everyone laughing. Try putting together a scavenger hunt, a trivia challenge, or even a quick murder mystery. If you want to keep it more relaxed and creative, put out some craft supplies and have everyone make their own creative name tag when they arrive.

DIY Photobooth

Your party members have finished Handmarking their creations, now what are they going to do with them? Show them off, of course! DIY a fun photobooth at your party so guests can show off their creations and snap a happy memory from your party. All you need is a few fun props, like a large frame or flowers, and a space with good lighting for your guests to take photos with.

Getting creative with your Handmarks party is a great way to make your event memorable. Have you hosted or attended a creative Handmarks party? Post a picture and tag us in it to share your creative ideas with us!