Host a Virtual Handmarks Party

With so many precautions related to COVID-19, you may have had to cancel your Handmarks party. Although this is disappointing, don’t lose heart! Social distancing really means physical distancing, so remember to stay social with your loved ones through technology! You can still practice safe distancing by holding your Handmarks party online!


By creating a Facebook Event, you can invite your friends and family to experience Handmarks from their devices. You can choose to “go live” to explain more about Handmarks and perform live demos for your audience to see! You can make it interactive by asking your guests what you should Handmark on a piece and use that as a giveaway at the end of the event!


If any of your guests already have Handmarks jewelry or kits, let them create their own custom jewelry while you’re explaining Handmarks! You can have multiple users join the Zoom session, and guests will have the opportunity to turn their cameras on or off depending on their comfortability. With the chat option, you can make sure that you’re interacting with each of your guests!

Tips For Success

  1. Offer a giveaway at the end of the party.
  2. Link the Handmarks catalog in the event description to make it easier for your guests to access
  3. Use official graphics from the Handmarks Back Office
  4. Make your party as interactive as possible!
  5. Follow up with guests after the party

Although current events have everyone stressed, worried, and unsure of the future, there is one thing that will always be constant: the strength in community. Use this time to connect with your loved ones and think about what truly matters by Handmarking it on a keychain or jewelry.