Spring Into Your First Handmarks Party

Aren’t you re-leafed it’s spring? Known to be a time of renewal and new beginnings, this season is full of energy! If you’re a new Handmarks Consultant and aren’t sure where to begin for your first party, here are some ways to “spring” into it!

Easter Eggs & Earrings

Why not get the whole family involved? Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt! If your guests have little ones, try hiding Color Pops or Charms in the eggs and see who can collect the most. If your party is for adults, have each of your guests pick up an Easter egg when they arrive. Choose a color pop or charm that will be the winner and whoever picks that egg will get a free piece of jewelry. Handmarks is all about creativity, so let yours blossom!

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Theme your first Handmarks party with springtime flowers! While your guests are wearing their favorite floral print, they can be Handmarking on a Gold Leaf tag and attaching a Daisy charm to their piece! As a party favor, you can give each of your guests flower seeds to thank them for helping your business “grow.”

Escape from Spring Cleaning

With the new season comes the sudden burst of energy to clean and organize your house. But sometimes that feels more of a burden than an opportunity. Spending time with your close friends and family and creating jewelry with meaning is the perfect cure for springtime stress! Let your guests come in their pajamas or their most comfortable clothing and indulge yourselves in desserts while you enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

There are endless possibilities when planning an event to remember! Planning a Handmarks party is fun and exciting, but don’t forget to follow up with your guests afterwards! When you keep in touch with your party guests, you may find that one of them wants to host their own Handmarks party! Remember, if you’re having an online party, we can Handmark your jewelry for you!