Handmarking for Moms and Dads

Looking for a great gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? There’s nothing that warms the heart more than a handmade, custom gift to reflect the relationship you have with someone. Since Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up soon, why not gift your parent with a heartfelt Handmark?



Gift your mother with a necklace from our Endless Possibilities Collection. You can Handmark a tag and include it with a few variations of the Endless Possibilities necklace, so she can change it up based on her outfit! If she has a simple jewelry style, you can gift her the Round Trip necklace and add a small tag to personalize it. Or if you are looking for pre-marked jewelry, you can get her the Brooklynn-Blessed necklace so she can remember what is truly important.


If your mom loves all things pink, surprise her with the Loving Touch Blush Stretch Bracelet with a heart tag. If you choose one of our Signature bracelets, add any charms or color pops to make the gift unique and heartfelt.

Suggested Phrases

  • <3 You Mom
  • Best Mom Ever
  • Beautiful
  • Selfless



Handmark a special message onto a Keychain for your dad. A keychain is a great gift because of its flexibility; it can be attached to his keys, a bag, or can be hung up at work. Choose from a variety of shapes that will best work with your message, including an oval, hexagon, and heart. The best part will be your thoughtful and heartfelt message that will remind him of you and how much you love him every time he looks at it.

Dog Tags

Tell your father that he’s your hero by gifting him with a personalized Dog Tag Necklace. Give it some of your dad’s personality by adding a charm or keeping it simple with the stainless steel chain so that your personal Handmark message stands out. Look below for some ideas on what you can Handmark onto your dad’s dog tag for Father’s Day!

Suggested Phrases

  • <3 You Dad
  • Super Dad
  • My Hero
  • Strong