June Birthday Bling: Light Amethyst

June has a few gemstones that are associated with it, including the light amethyst, alexandrite, and pearl. When you wear a Handmarks June Birthday Bling charm, you’re wearing a Swarovski light amethyst gem. Since there are so many gems to represent June, here’s the story and meaning behind light amethyst:

About Light Amethyst

Although June’s most known birthstone is the alexandrite, the light amethyst is a common substitute in jewelry. Many times, you will see jewelry that uses light amethyst instead of alexandrite because of its high value due to its rarity and color-changing properties. Since February’s birthstone is the amethyst, you may be wondering what the difference is between the two gems. Light amethyst is a much lighter color than February’s birthstone, so it looks like a light pink instead of a deep purple.

Meaning Behind Light Amethyst

Light amethyst gemstones represent joy and balance. There is great similarity between the meanings of the alexandrite and light amethyst, as both are known for creating harmony. This makes sense considering that the color-changing properties of light amethyst are a perfect example of harmony as multiple color tones coexist in the gemstone without overpowering each other. The balance shown in the colors of alexandrite and light amethyst are a great reminder of how we can find balance when faced with oppositions and contradictions in our own lives.

Light Amethyst & Handmarks

The light amethyst isn’t just for those who are born in June! If you know someone who is currently struggling, gift them a Handmark with the light amethyst gemstone so they can have a personal reminder that good luck and harmony are achievable.

Here are some phrases you can pair with light amethyst:

  • Harmony
  • My Good Luck Charm
  • Peace
  • Balance