Handmarks Parties for Special Occasions

Handmarks is the perfect activity to do at any party; it’s creative, fun, and easy enough for all guests to participate. So, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or retirement party, here’s how you can include Handmarks for your special occasion:

Birthday Party

Give the gift of creativity at your birthday with a Handmarks birthday party. All your guests can get together and be creative by combining charms, birthstones, and more with their own unique message. Guests can keep it as a party favor, give it to one another, or give it to the birthday boy or girl. Most importantly, you’ll have a fun time celebrating your birthday with an activity that all of your guests can enjoy together.

Graduation Party

Graduations can either be a time to say goodbye or to say hello to new beginnings! Give your classmates a chance to mark this achievement and new start in life by having Handmarks at your graduation party. Your guests can create a Handmark with a memory, such as the names of friends they made at school or a fun quote that someone said. They can also create a Handmark as a token to motivate and inspire themselves as they move forward with their future plans, such as phrases like “New Beginning” or “Make Your Dreams Come True.” Either way, creating Handmarks together can be a great time for graduates to get together and create more memories before parting ways.

Retirement Party

Retirement is a huge achievement! Celebrate your friend, family member, or coworker reaching retirement by creating a keychain collection full of all your memories together. Get all the coworkers of the retiree together and give each one a tag with a keychain. Everyone can Handmark their favorite memory of the retiree and add it to the keychain display. This will create a heartfelt wall of memories that will remind the retiree of how much they are loved and will be missed.

A special occasion Handmarks party is a great way to bring your guests together for a night of creativity and memories. The best part is you’ll have a unique, handmade memento to either take home or give to a friend. Show us how you’ve used Handmarks at your special occasion by posting a picture and tagging Handmarks!