Reasons to Host a Handmarks Party

Hosting a Handmarks party is a fun and interactive way to spend time with family and friends. When you host a Handmarks party, you get to leave with a beautiful piece of jewelry, handmarked with a personalized message that is unique and lasting memory. 


As a Handmark host, you are the heart of our business and you’ll be rewarded for it. Party sales are great to earn discounts and other incentives. For example, if party sales are between $100.00 and $199.99 you receive one Handmarks item at half price. As sales keep climbing, the rewards get better. If sales are at $200.00- $499.99mark you receive 10% of your sales and as a bonus, you receive two times at half price. $500.00-$999.99 allows you to keep 15% percent of your sales and you receive three items at half price. Finally, if sales top 1,000.00 or more you get 20% of your sales and five items are given to you at half price. You also get incentives for hosting parties as well.

When booking your party, host it within 30 days to receive one item for 50% off.  If you host a second party within forty-five days of your first, you are eligible to receive an item for 75%. A third and fourth party within sixty days will get you 100 dollars in merchandise for free.  Just wow! 

 Types of Handmark Parties

Handmark parties are perfect for any occasion especially birthdays and retirement. For birthdays, guests can give their creation to the birthday boy or girl as a keepsake.  A Handmark retirement party allows coworkers to come together to share memories. This can be done by asking coworkers to each create a tag with memories on it. Once each co-worker has done this, it can be given to the retiree as a keepsake.

There are so many ways to host your Handmarks party, including virtual events!  If having a Handmarks party sounds fun, contact one of our consultants will help you an impression, and friends and family can capture their special moments on a piece of Handmarks jewelry.