How to Mix n’ Match Jewelry

Who says we shouldn’t mix jewelry pieces? Mixing and matching different jewelry pieces has been on-trend for years.

But, you may be wondering, how do I style my mix and match jewelry? Let’s walk through some tips to help you experiment with your jewelry collection.

Pick a Centerpiece

One of the most important lessons about mixing and matching jewelry is to find a centerpiece and accessories from it. Maybe it’s a necklace as the centerpiece? Our Endless Possibilities Collection is where you’ll find beautiful statement piece necklaces!

It can also be a statement, bracelet, or set of earrings – whichever accessory you decide, make sure your other jewelry pieces complement the centerpiece jewelry.

Layer it Up

Jewelry layering is one of our favorite trends! Each piece stands alone, but when mixed, they create an unconventionally stylish look.

Layer your jewelry based on size and thickness. Necklaces can be layered by wearing long jewelry pieces with shorter ones. Bracelets can be layered by wearing simple, thin bracelets with a thicker bracelet.

If you are looking for new jewelry accessories to add to your collection, try our Celebration bracelets and Inspiration cuffs. You can pair and stack them with any other bracelets and have a close reminder of meaningful quotes.

Add Some Color Into the Mix

Don’t be afraid to add some color to your jewelry! Our Color Pops are perfect for adding just that little pop of color to your jewelry pieces! These charms come in a variety of colors, from red and coral to blue and evergreen. They give just the right amount of color, without distracting from your outfit or other accessories.

Mixing and matching jewelry can be intimidating at first, but have fun, play around with your jewelry pieces. For more endless jewelry pieces and inspiration for your next look, check out what we have to offer here!