Tell Your Story with Handmarks

Do you have a message you want to send to a loved one or a story you want to carry with you always? Handmarks jewelry is the perfect way to communicate and reflect on what is important to you.

There are many jewelry pieces to customize and inspire you to personalize your story through your Handmarks creations.


Tags are a great way to tell your message! Everyone’s story is different, which is what makes them unique and important. Using a Handmarks stamping kit, you can stamp any phrase, date, or names that is meaningful to you!


Handmarks charms are the perfect touch to represent who you are! If you’re a person of faith, you could pair an Open Cross or Angel charm with a tag that reflects your beliefs. Or if you have more of a personal story, find a charm symbol that represents you.

Gift Ideas

Is there an upcoming birthday of a close friend or loved one? Show how much they mean to you with a personalized Handmarks jewelry gift made for them. You can handmark personal messages on tags for them to carry with them wherever they go. Another great idea is to add their birthday stone with their name and birthdate handmarked on a tag.

‘Tis is the season of thankfulness, surprise a loved one or friend with a personalized gift! Choose a charm piece, a good luck elephant, or a butterfly, and handmark a special message or phrase! They’ll remember your thoughtfulness every time they wear that special piece.

The possibilities are endless with Handmarks jewelry! Tell your unique story by creating a personalized creation today! For more information on joining our Handmarks family, click here!