Host a Virtual Handmarks Christmas Party

With so many precautions related to COVID-19, hosting in-person parties may not be possible – especially family and friend gatherings. As disappointing as this is, don’t lose hope! You can still practice safe distancing by hosting your Handmarks Christmas party online!


Schedule your Christmas party through Zoom! It’s a great option to stay connected with friends and family while introducing them to Handmarks. You can have multiple users join the Zoom session, and guests will have the opportunity to turn their cameras on or off depending on their comfortability. There is also a chat feature so you can engage with your guests.


By creating a Facebook event, you can invite friends and family to learn more about Handmarks from their devices. With the “go live” option, you can perform live demos for your audience! It’s interactive, so you can chat with them and answer questions all in real-time.

Our Tips for Success

  • Link the Handmarks catalog in the description for guests to view
  • Use official graphics from the Handmarks back office
  • Make your party as engaging and interactive as possible
  • Follow up with guests after the party

Although the holidays may look a little be different this year, one thing that stays the same is the strength in the Handmarks community. Connect with your loved ones and friends this holiday season and remember what truly matters by Handmarking it on a piece of jewelry.