5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Handmarks Community

Do you dream about working on your own time? Are you someone who likes to take charge and make things happen? Do you want a career in direct sales, but wish your products could be truly meaningful and personalized?

If you answered yes to all of the above, it sounds like Handmarks is the perfect choice for you! Handmarks is not your average direct sales company, because we believe in getting people together to experience a product that has meaning.

There are countless reasons why you should consider becoming a Handmarks Consultant, but here are five to get you started!

1. Our Products Are Personal

Unlike other direct sales companies, Handmarks products are personal. Our jewelry involves Handmarking tags with personalized messages, which can range from the birthdate of a loved one to a special word or phrase that holds personal meaning for you. Handmarks jewelry is so much more than an accessory – it’s a way for you to wear your heart on your sleeve.

2. You Choose How You Sell

Handmarks allows you to choose whatever selling method you are most comfortable with. Many of our consultants prefer traditional in-home parties, as this allows them to connect with their guests as they Handmark together. However, other consultants prefer social media and virtual parties as a way to reach new customers. We know everyone has different comfort levels with technology, so we give our consultants the freedom to choose how they sell!

3. Our Messaging is Inviting, Not Invasive

A common pain point in direct sales is invasive messaging. Many direct sales companies utilize aggressive messaging tactics that are often ignored by potential consumers, as most people have already been exposed to some form of direct sales. At Handmarks, we promote our jewelry as an experience rather than a product; our messaging is inviting and interactive, because we want our consultants to connect with their communities and learn more about their loved ones through Handmarks.

4. Created By Consultants, For Consultants

All four of the Handmarks founders spent their entire careers in direct sales. This means that we know the ins and outs of the industry, so Handmarks was built on our years of experience. Everything from our product kits to compensation plans were designed with our consultants and hosts in mind.

5. You’ll Become Part of A Family

When you join Handmarks, you join a family. We build one another up and work together to help each other succeed. There are so many resources available to help grow your Handmarks business, from the helpful guides through Handmarks University to the welcoming community in the Handmarks Consultants Facebook Group.

It’s never too late to leave your mark on the world. Start your Handmarks journey today!