Ways to Boost your Handmarks Business

With the new year in full swing, many of us may be looking for new ways to promote our Handmarks business. It can be overwhelming to decide which method will work the best. We’ve made it easy, by compiling a list of proven ways to boost your business this year.

Encourage Social Shares

Get the word out early by communicating often with your Handmarks community through Facebook, Instagram, and more. Talk about new Handmarks products that launched or any new jewelry designs you created! Your most loyal customers can become your biggest advocates and help spread the word about your Handmarks business to new customers in your community!

Host a Virtual Handmarks Party

With so many precautions due to COVID-19, hosting an in-person Handmarks party isn’t as common. Although this is disappointing, you can still practice social distancing by hosting your Handmarks party online. Make this party feel like a big event for your Handmarks business!

Use Hashtags throughout Social Posts

Adding hashtags to your social posts can play a huge role in promoting your business! Hashtags make it easier to discover posts around those specific topics because they aggregate all social media content with that same hashtag. Some popular hashtags can be seen used on our Handmarks social media pages!

Use Your Resources

The Handmarks community is a family, so you have plenty of resources here to help grow your business! There are so many helpful guides and resources available through Handmarks University, which you have access to when you sign up with Handmarks. If you have questions or want tips along the way, be sure to check out the Handmarks Consultants Facebook Group. This is a place for consultants to share in-depth tips and techniques, discuss upcoming promotions, and watch live trainings. We want our consultants to succeed, so we’re there to help every step of the way!

With these tips and tricks, your Handmarks business has unlimited potential. If you’re not yet a consultant and want to become part of an amazing community, click here to learn more about joining Handmarks!